The Soldiers of the Immaculate podcast launched at the beginning of 2024 with a simple thesis: It is not enough to know the Faith: we must live our Faith as active members of the Church Militant, we must be Soldiers of the Immaculate!

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If you aren’t sure how to subscribe to a podcast the rest of this page will describe that.

The easiest way to consume a podcast is by using a podcast app on your mobile device. There are many applications that can be used for this purpose but one that Moderator Max recommends is Podcast Guru (if you have an iPhone or iPad this link will take you to Podcast Guru in the iOS App Store; if you have an Android phone or tablet this link will take you to Podcast Guru on the Google Play Store). Once the app is installed on your device you can open it to begin.

(If you would prefer to use some other podcast app, searching for “Soldiers of the Immaculate” should get you to this podcast; alternatively you might need to use the URL of the podcast’s feed which is: https://soti-podcast.org/@SOTI_Podcast/feed.xml)

Instructions for iOS

On iOS there is a set of four icons across the bottom of the screen; click on the one that says “Discover” to enter the mode for searching for a podcast:

In the search box at the top enter: “Soldiers of the Immaculate” to find the podcast, then click on the podcast in the search results to get to the details view:

On the details view click on the “Subscribe” button:

The rest of the instructions are optional but might be helpful: click on the three dots in the circle on the right to get the options menu:

Click on the “Settings” menu option to access more options such as automatically downloading new episodes, showing notifications on your device when there’s a new podcast episode available, and more:

Instructions for Android

The instructions for Android are essentially the same as for iOS but the screens look different. When first launching Podcast Guru the menu options are on the “left tray” which is accessed by clicking on the “hamburger menu” (the three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other in the top left of the screen):

Android: side menu to search

Click on the “Discover” option and fill in “Soldiers of the Immaculate” in the search box to find the podcast:

Click on the podcast in the search results to be taken to the podcast details view:

Click on the floating circular button with a plus sign to subscribe to the podcast. After that, you can click on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen to access more settings:

Technical Support

If you have any technical questions about subscribing to the Soldiers of the Immaculate podcast using Podcast Guru, or what other apps are recommended, email podcast-app-help@soti.blog